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Roger Christie’s cat loves her Gabriola home – O, yes she does.  And, many a story circulates the neighborhood.  Her prow, and her complete abandon to anything but pure, unadulterated relaxation.

I interviewed Roger Christie, or to be more accurate, Roger gave me his preamble not knowing I would ask for the opportunity as it presented itself.  With Roger’s permission, I offer the love of living on Gabriola, humans and animals, pets and the odd pest.  It is why a smattering of about 4,500 persons have chosen their Gabriola home.  Most have arrived from places far the stressful, looking and achieving a gentler habitation, none the less of giving up any of their passions be it speech, thought, giving back, helping out, expounding on one topic or the next, offering expertise’s which blend our unique community.  I heard once, “We are intelligent, grumpy” And, that says it all for me.Dog Walk- Dogs and Owners-Gabriola

And now the interview, verbatim la written.  Feel the love.

“Re Bella, pronounced BA ah in the Spanish way, upon arriving home from a 2 day visit to Mikiala and gang, Bella greeted me, looked me in the eye, to meow and complain firmly re my absence.  She briefly took one pat, turned, and left out her cat door in my bedroom, ignoring my pleas and sorriness.  I knew she really wanted her wee meat treat in the can I held out.  But outside on the deck, she stood right in front of the panel door, close by, 4 “from glass, and simply stared out into the distance, indignant.  For a full and exact 20 minutes completely ignoring eye contact and my encouragements for food, she clearly wanted to be seen though.  As she could be been outside anywhere or by the second glass panel door, but that had a curtain covering it so she couldn’t be seen by me if there.

310 Barry Living RoomPoint made, she turned to the cat door, and ignoring me, walked straight to her bowl in the kitchen to devour her meat treat.  Then she turned to look me in the eye, as if to confirm message received by me, re my abandonment of her.  And, then came close to purr for pats, and to allow me to give some deep rubs with roaring purrs.  A forgiveness suggested of sorts.  While I’d thought she did not see her new gift shown her earlier, she had in fact seen it, and soon nuzzled into the new kitty bed Mikiala had given me for her, happy as a clam or pussy can be.

Yes, animals can be quite remarkable and fun to have about.  This morn, two fawns looked cute and expectant at the bottom of my steps.  May have started something, having given them some fresh green leaves yesterday.  To them a fine treat now, as they mostly get dry brown leaves in fall.  Yesterday drove two people from up island into my driveway, they were stunned and delighted with my yard full of four fawns, three doe and a young buck.  Gob smacked while standing in driveway, when from behind my Gabriola home, a flock some fifteen turkeys chatting away, walked close by and all around us and the deer, on their trek thru the yard.  

I said that I felt like singing Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah often, since it feels around here like that old 1946 Walt Disney movie “Song of the South” which even as a kid in Winnipeg I thought might only be a nice fantasy.  We are blessed indeed.  Some days, don’t you feel like ya wanna pinch yourself in this dream!  Cheers, and tx, Roger.”beaches of gabriola

The whole of the end-all, is that living here has increased the health and enjoyment on so many levels I can’t begin to say to what degree other than to say, for me, it was a choice which in some uncanny way, laid itself out for me.  I stepped in, and never left.

More interviews, for love of Gabriola.  That’s what is in store for readers such as you.  Do come and experience.  Give me some notice.  I could be interviewing a radio announcer for the CBC, a test pilot for the Canadian Armed Forces, a marathon bicyclist or two, or three.

Carol Martin:  writer, musician, chanter of Gregorian, Morris dancer, gardener of roses, aficionado of my kitchen and guests who walk through the door, speaker to the kindness of animals.  O, and REALTOR® – delighted to show you Gabriola properties and keep in touch.

Various ways to contact me:  phone 250.247.9333 or 1.866.528.9333 or cell/text 250.668.2297 

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