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Two days on Gabriola!  Hold on to your socks!  Take a nap if you need to.

A slew of Christmas Fairs opened their doors on Saturday.  christmas craft fair
Three of them in fact.  In between my showing real estate on Gabriola, houses and some land thrown in for good measure, I jumped in and out of these crafty endeavours.  There’s just so much to see, and of course, so many people to chat with.

Some say I know everyone on Gabriola.  Wow, that would be a bit of an overstatement.  We are about 4,500 strong, about a 20 minute ferry highway from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.  I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world.

My Gabriola home is close to the Village where I do all my shopping; close to the ferry which gets me to Nanaimo and up-island to visit family or south to Victoria for a good dose of city life, opera, dancing, and great food, before heading back home.

Entrance isl snow mts sunsetSaturday night at The Surf here on Gabriola, dinner at the lodge with the pub ever so close by, lights twinkling in Nanaimo across the waterways, we gathered to fundraise for The Haven transition house, providing goods and donations which will go to an urgent cause.   The Surf thankfully, will be open year around along with the many other eating establishments on Gabriola, The Kitchen, Madronas, Golf Club, Woodfire, Robert’s.  Silva Bay is under renovations at this time.  So, the south end of Gabriola will be migrating north for food and festivities.

Sunday, our Gabriola Photography Club held at the Rollo Centre, showcased shots of our wonderful photogenic island, through lenses, filters, enhancements – all unique and full of great energy for me.  I minced through and around them all, talking to these talented artisans – most of whom I know.   Could say that I do know a lot of people and even sold some of them their new Gabriola home.  Bonus!  Glad they are happy.kayaks on the beach sm

I haven’t really been that involved with anything remotely called vegan, however Sunday’s dinner with musicians and appreciatives like me, was delicious.  I think I’m a changed me!  My favourite was radish butter.  Can you believe it!  On buttery biscuits warm from the oven, the taste sensation was wanting me more.  Three more in fact!  Trifle for desert, gluten free, with plums steeped in red wine – like Wow!  I’m hooked.

Tonight, there’s curried parsnip apple soup on the back burner, simmering at home.  I can’t wait to taste it.  All veg and all vegan to boot!  But, here’s a dirty little secret:  I love Hawkins Cheezies, Lay’s Ripple Potato Chips, and Deluxe mixed nuts with lots of salt.  I’ve a long way to go being squeaky-healthy and all, and I may never get there, but that’s A-ok with me.

Another not so dirty little secret?  Dropped a Cheezie by total mistake on my Gabriola home driveway.  I walked by it every day for 3 days, and it was still there.  Intact.  No bird, or beast would touch it!  And yet, I consume.  My state of health is suspect – happily!

I love Gabriola!  Love where I live and wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world.  So, looking for exposure to my world?  I’m easy to contact.  Carol Martin or by email By telephone  250.247.9333 direct land line, or, cell/text me at 250.668.2297

Welcome to Gabriola!

Written by Carol Martin, that’s me!

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