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Education is available to all of us.  Online, or bricks and mortar, mentors, teachers, visuals, in person, webinars, to listen and absorb our curriculum.  Most of us can access and achieve our heart’s desires in the upper echelons of learning.

Negotiation Panel Carol Madeleine Monica March 27 2018Here on Gabriola, the Nanaimo based Vancouver Island University is about an hour away.  Easy transportation from my place to there and back, I usually go by car.  However, a friend of mine is a Professor in the VIU Faculty of Management, using shank’s-pony to the Gabriola ferry, then hop on the Nanaimo bus system, disembarking at the hub of the campus.  Enough on that point.  If you have a desire, a need in life, you’ll find a way.  We always do.

So blessed, I was asked to be on a panel, invited by the instructor of negotiation strategies.  There were three of us.  Monica the instructor, Madeleine Ani, Lawyer, and myself, Carol Martin REALTOR®.  We all live on Gabriola, and we all do business across Canada in the silos with breadth we’ve created for ourselves.

I back up, way back.  We are an accumulation of many life experiences; most of us have seen seven or so career changes; our absorbed knowledge has beget successful life styles of our choosing.  We built it; they come.

VIU campus in Nanaimo is the progressive adult of Malaspina College.  Monica is an instructor with miles of travel, business acumen, her own ongoing MBA.  Madeleine is a successful lawyer in real estate law and estates.  Me?  I’m a combination of much of the same, but different.  Probably best to meet me and we’ll chat about it all, if you have a lotta time, that is!

Living on Gabriola puts me in the middle of the golden circle of getting to and from the surrounding cities and all they have to offer.  Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, and actually world-wide.  Why do I live here on Gabriola you might ask?  I arrived quite out of the blue in July of about 2000, the same weekend as the Nanaimo Sea Festival.  There was an island with a ferry plying the waters, to and from.  What I found was a rural community much with the same values as where I grew up in North Vancouver.  I found a Gabriola home perfect for me, and became a REALTOR® practically then and there.  Real Estate on Gabriola was born.

Yes, being a guest on the panel was a treat.  I’ll do it again, and again.  But, my heart’s desire is in finding you a home on Gabriola.  A Gabriola property which meets your expectations, and the service I provide as your agent to exceed your expectations.  I know you’ll be delighted with our shops, restaurants, school, medical clinic and all those necessary emergency services.

Boldly I’ll say, yes, we have it all, and we do!  What we don’t have is the big box stores, drive thrus, and the assorted over-doneness of city living when it comes to the unending malls.  I would rather spend my free time at the beach, walking the paths of Gabriola, kayaking from Silva Bay, or hanging out with friends on their back deck, BBQ’g.

At today’s date, there are 24 homes for sale on Gabriola ranging from $275,000 upwards.  Vacant land for your new build, to have and to hold as you plan your dream come true on Gabriola, start at $72,500 and climb upwards from there.  Say you’re looking only for that perfect waterfront home.  We have it!

You’re invited!  Please be my guest.  I’ll show you all Gabriola has to offer.  We’ll discover Gabriola together, the closest Gulf Island to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.

Written by Carol Martin, PREC*

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