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“Bond, James Bond!” cultured the perfect martini, his namesake The James Bond Martini, AKA the Vesper.  Shaken – not stirred.  A matter of convention in martini circles, Sean Connery bucked the trend in the 1962 “Dr No”.  Shaken, poignantly.  Welcome to my blog on martinis.

The razzmatazz of Bond movies and the Vesper in “Casino Royale” reared up, elegantly, of course! Mixology of James Bond Martini sported 3 parts vodka and 1 part gin.  Twist of lemon peel, or a drop of single malt scotch.  Only, the best for the Vesper.  Vodka could be shaken, but gin – that’s a no, no.  Add ice and do your will with it.  Shaken or stirred.  We lapped it up, registering to the extreme.

James Bond Martini, ingredients

James Bond Martini

Water water everywhere!

Ice – made of water, right?  Somehow you know this blog is going to be more about water than spirits.  “Water is a transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth’s streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms”.  I googled it.

So, I want to talk about water.  Water management that is.  Here on Gabriola, you become the steward of your own Gabriola real estate, your neighbours are affected by what you do in the environment, and in fact so is our earth.  Overwhelmed?  Don’t be – listen and learn.  I’m here to help.

Most of us have drilled wells.  Some of us use a water collection system into big water cisterns.  Some of us have both, real estate on Gabriola Island.  I have both – most fortunately for me.  But, for me it was a learning process when I was first looking for Gabriola properties for sale.  I pondered, kicked stones, sat on mossy rocks and tried to figure out water.  Then I asked and listened.  I even attended the Regional District of Nanaimo seminars on water management here on Gabriola.

Islands Trust also offers information as well as opportunities to share knowledge.  Then, there are groups’ water minded aficionados, also inquiring into Gabriola Island properties for sale and out of all this comes you, and what you are seeing as a workable solution for you.

Water conservation

James Bond Martini

No problem with water. They know how it all works.

Water conservation becomes part of who you are becoming.  The odd spirit shared and not stirred, and even the odd Vesper spilling ideas, devising a simple system which works for your needs.  Overwhelmed?  Don’t be.  The process of understandings of all manner of things is a delightful process when looking at Gabriola Island homes for sale. Right?  Worthy of your due diligence.

Fling me your ideas – we’ll fling them back and forth.  There’s always a way.  Never feel daunted.  Hey – I’m a city girl who moved to the country and found to my delight my home searching Gabriola homes for sale.  Not daunted.  Life is a learning process.  You’ll love what you’ve accomplished.

One day soon, we’ll talk about septic sewage systems.  You’re saying “O, that’s just yucky.  How does that relate in any way to water, martinis, ice, and The Vesper.  It does.  Trust me on that.

Off to yoga.  Then back to plant my tomatoes in a sunny location.  Slip into something comfortable, and sip on a G&T with a twist.  Unshaken – Dauntless.

“Bond, James Bond!” – You had it right.  Maybe you’ll search Gabriola property listings and find this beautiful destination perfect for exploring new ways to enjoy ice, given your expertise in the peaceful (not!) enjoyment of martinis.

I’m Carol Martin – living on Gabriola.  Happy to meet you and share my thoughts.  Please sign up for my newsletter.

James Bond Martini

My car and I ply the roads of Gabriola!

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