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5 Acres on Gabriola Island

See yourself surrounded by 5 Acres. Wow!

Gabriola Blackberry Pot Pie Chronicles of Real Estate:  Plunk, plunk, bucket, plunk.  Reaching as far out as I dare, plucking the ever so juicy one almost a hair too far.  I found this patch whilst walking the property with the owner of, and spied a note to myself to return to the patch later in the day.  Enough for a pie.  Oh so delicious, to share, with a blob of ice cream on the side.  Yum.  If you’d like my recipe, I’m more than willing to share.  Not too much cinnamon mind.  Yukkers, overdid it once.  Not a good thing.

5 Acres, a rarity these days, with lots of opportunity $360,000:  Here on Gabriola, vacant land like this rarely

Gabriola real estate acreage

5 Acres of beautiful land.

comes on the market.  A full 5 acres, I akin to walking in a wild-wonderland entranced into a wide meadow foyer, and beyond an old logging road which takes you back into the forest, over a dry creek at this time of year, and then further and further.  You’re out of sight, and in the wilds.  Trees, ferns, riparian show themselves proudly, as Dick’s Brook winds its way through a swath in the southern part of Gabriola.

So much history here, and I’m only scratching the surface very time I’m asked to list or sell property on Gabriola Island.  Real Estate on Gabriola is my handle, but my passion for this island goes much deeper.  Google Gabriola Stream-keepers and you’ll find a wealth of love of the land, and history.  Water comes in forms of swamps, streams, brooks, ponds, artesian wells, and deep drilled wells.  Critters live there.  That is literally what is meant by the word ‘riparian’.  To protect this habitat is our responsibility, always.

Back to this precious land of the blackberry pot pie patch, we should mention that this 5 acres is now on the market.  Absolutely ripe!  Move right in with your RV and make plans.  Checklist:  Drilled well, septic system are already in place.  Hydro pole is already on the property supplying power to a shed, pressure tank, storage, and an electrical panel.  Such a bonus!  There is even a dog house behind the shed, and cistern off in the blackberry thicket.  Partially fenced along one side.

This property is zoned SRR – Small Rural Residential.  A house and several outbuildings can be built here.  We have architects, contractors, electricians, plumbers, and many trades and those who love to do odd-jobs, right here on Gabriola.  So, your Gabriola property will evolve or you can just relax and enjoy the surrounding island life.

Here’s a blurb from our Islands Trust zoning, “single family residential ii horticulture, including sale of horticultural products grown on the lot b. Permitted Accessory Uses i home occupation, subject to Section B.3 ii secondary suite residential, on lots 2.0 hectares (4.94 acres) or larger, subject to Subsection B.6.3 iii agriculture, including agri-tourism and the sale of agricultural products grown or raised on the lot, on lots 2.0 hectares (4.94 acres) or larger iv keeping of animals for the personal use of the resident or landowner.”

There is no other property with all the attributes of this one, currently on the real estate on Gabriola market, blackberries and all.

July – August – September Market Sales:  While July & August & into September’s home sales on Gabriola were fast, if we look over the past 3 ½ years, there is a trend having been developed.  No crystal ball here, but, if you have a home valued in this market place under the $325,000 mark, I can sell it!

38 properties sold in this time frame.  Some were homes on Gabriola, condos, and some were vacant lands just waiting to be picked up by hungry buyers with a vision to position themselves for the future.  The split was 3 condos/17 vacant lands/18 homes.  This in itself is an interesting change in the trend.  Typically, vacant lands can take a long, long time to sell.  That in mind, I just sold one in 4 days at Lot 45 Pat Burns, Gabriola.  The right timing for this buyer who is moving to Gabriola from parts unknown in Canada, starting with the big O.  I hope they will be very happy here.  Listed this land at $137,000 and sold in a multiple offer, at $142,750.  Now that’s an exciting situation for the sellers.  Very happy indeed, I’d say.

Gabriola properties for sale continue to change every day.  That’s why I love this service I provide as a REALTOR®.  It’s about the people I meet; the real estate on Gabriola Island they fall in love with; Gabriola as a community.  I could go on and on.  I love living here.  And, I moved here from the big smoke.  That’s telling you something!

To date, Gabriola properties for sale range in price from $72,000 upward to $3M.  Are you surprised?  Thought so!  As I write this, there are 39 Gabriola property listings out there.  I can emphatically say that we have been found, so to speak.  Consider the pricing if you will, and what our island provides.  You really must come for a visit, and then stay like I did!

When you contact me, we’ll chat, then you’ll decide if the time is right for you to visit and tour Gabriola with me.

Gabriola fun

Carol in her 1965 Barracuda

I’ll show you our Village core, the shops, the services we have.  Our Fire Department, our Medical Clinic, the marinas, the parks and trail system.  Our Coop Gas station is open 365 day/year. You’ll not want to believe me, BUT, we do have it all.  We just don’t have and don’t want the big box stores, huge malls, Starbucks, Timmy’s and all that baffle-gab.

What we do have is more that you’d expected.  Great restaurants, speciality shops, RCMP and doctors, professionals of all kinds and their families.  We integrated a long time ago.  Artisans, farmers, home based businesses – I could go on and on!

For newbies, no worries.  Relax.  Walk.  Breathe.  Exhale.  Sip water.  Drink wine.  Laugh.  Listen.  Shop at the Farmer’s stands.  Sift the sands of beaches through your fingers.  Dig your toes into boots and explore.

Forgot those at home?  Not an issue.  We have North Rd Sports, Colleen’s, or GIRO where you’ll have the best selection and the most exciting finds.

Explore.  Discover.  Enjoy.  Breathe.  Pie?

Dictated to myself and to you dear reader,  Carol Martin,

250-247-9333 direct land line;   250-668-2297 cell/text


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