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Connecting with Gabriola Homes:  Connecting people with Gabriola homes is what I love.  It’s where I’m at and what you can expect when you ask me to represent you as your REALTOR®.  You’ll find my enthusiasm rubs off on everyone I meet.  But, this is only part of the picture.  I must find ways to show you all we have to offer on Gabriola, and that is face to face.  Yes, the old fashioned way of connecting, bringing people together.  Being the matchmaker, the dream maker, your confidant, and above all a professional in Gabriola Island Homes for Sale.

Waterfront dock

Everyday views stunning.

Attracting through Networking:  How I go about attracting a great business model with networking.  Social media certainly connects the dots.  Google and myriad of avenues are there for the opportunities.  Post, advertise, market here and there for the best exposure.  Still a great way to get the word out in videos, photos, texts, stories, interviews.  Connect, cross-connect, post, and cross-post at the right time of day, day of the week, it’s a tricky dance we all do.  Selling widgets.  Selling houses, the process is somewhat the same.  Spread the net and chances are?  Well that’s it, “Chances are the right person, looking for the right Gabriola property, will jump into the funnel.”  That’s called a conversion in this business model of social media.

It works.  It’s cost effective.  Efficient.  Trackable.  Measurable.  Plug it in and results happen.  In fact, there are a huge number of companies and individuals who will do this for you and a hefty cost, and not one of them will guarantee a ROI.

Segue Connecting Face to Face:  People to people; belly to belly; face to face.  When considering one of

Waterfront home is sold!

Waterfront homes available

the largest decisions in your life, would you rather chatbot with an artificial conversational entity, talk bot with an artificial intelligence clip art conducting a conversation in textual, or a semblance of audio/video?  A lot of words for a quickie exchange when hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars are at stake.  Pick up the phone.  Meet for coffee.  Sus out the potential of the market with a professional REALTOR, with your personal agenda, your price point, budget, your audacious hopes and dreams.  That’s what counts.    As an example:  I live on Gabriola Island.  Great start to your knowing what we already have as it pertains to medical services, fire, ambulance, transportation services, bus, and ferry.  Schools, churches – ask me questions.   Retail stores, restaurants, local governance, provincial governance.  Beaches, trails, recreation and activities.  Clubs, organizations, sustainability, farmers, events.  Music, theatre, jams, high-brow, exquisite each and every one.  Community.

Keeping in touch is a personal choice.  Private client services will update daily with new Gabriola Island Properties for Sale.  A quick question answered, the longer more involved discoveries thoroughly explored to your satisfaction.  But that’s not all.

Segue of connecting face to face remembered:  “Hi Carol!  My name is Bob Wellsford.  I need to sell my house in Windsor, Ontario.  Could we meet?”  We did and in the course of a very short window, the house was on the market with an awesome, local agent, Beth Rezoski of Royal LePage, Windsor and Tecumseh, Ontario.  Shoot-out to you, Beth!  Great job.  Multiple offers.  Bob was over the top impressed.  Gave me way too much credit.  Here’s what really happened.  Royal LePage’s referral network is bar-none.  I quickly located Beth.  Put the two in touch.  I knew Bob was in good hands.  Sold!

Royal LePage’s conferences are the place to meet, where I reconnect with agents from across Canada, network for three full days, face to face.  Business relationships transcends into friendships cemented.  Business gets done faster than you can say “was that a chat-bot thing, or was it a chatterdotthingy whatchamacallits?”  Heck!  Pick up the phone, make the call, getter going, and make the connection.

Going into Fall 2018:  Update to our homes for sale Gabriola, the real estate on Gabriola market, we have 38 listed properties.  23 of these are houses for sale on Gabriola, and the balance are vacant lands waiting for your dream to build.  11 properties sold in the month of September.  The same number sold in the same month last year, and the previous year.  We aren’t showing signs of slowing.  Prices range from $88,000 up to $3M.  Big spread.  

Marinas on Gabriola

Boating, marinas, Gabriola is for you.

Not much in the way of inventory.  Buyers have been flocking to Gabriola over the last 3 ½ years primarily from the lower mainland of Vancouver.  Influx from Alberta is still strong.  We are not impacted by the Speculator Tax brought in by the Government of BC, having been exempted from this tax.  However, if you are a foreign buyer, the Foreign Buyers Tax should be investigated ahead of your purchase.  Talk to your lawyer and your accountant to understand the ramifications.

Events and Venues on Gabriola: 

  •   22nd Annual Studio Tour, Thanksgiving Weekend.  More than 80 artists in 71 studios taking part in three-day event.  Drive, walk, or take GERTIE bus.  Ferry to Gabriola runs about 13 times/daily between Nanaimo and Gabriola.
  •   Christmas Fairs.  Starting in November, watch out for one, two, or three bazaars on Saturdays and Sundays coming up.  Venues:  School, The Surf, Golf Club, Rollo Centre, Community Hall.
  •   The Roxy Culture Club.  Weekly events.  Movie nights.  Private parties.  Musical events.  It’s a going concern, really!
  •   Phoenix Auditorium. The Haven on Gabriola.  Theatre.  Music.  Courses.  All year ‘round.
  •   Gabriola Golf and Country Club.  Public.  Club house.  Events throughout the year.
  •   Gabriola Theatre Centre.  Performing Arts.  Dance.  Contra Dancing.  Music.

Explore.  Discover.  Enjoy.  Breathe.  And, so much more! 

Carol Martin,

250-247-9333 direct land line;   250-668-2297 cell/text

Gabriola fun

Carol in her 1965 Barracuda

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