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Gabriola’s Matrix of Knowing.  Let’s go deep.

How do you correlate the aspect of a roof over your head, to the matrix of knowledge?

Let’s use a universal ingredient.  Music.  Joyful, soulful, to lift your spirits, a dance for joy!  This is the known

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of knowns.  You understand this.  You’ve felt it even if you take it no further than listening, the beat of your heart transforms to a known.  You felt it before you were born, and now your feet tap, your blood surges, your physical demeanour changes.  You have known, and know this.

Here’s a little ditty, meant to uproot your known of knowns to your unknown of unknowns and at the same

time, think of yourself as a new buyer.  Never having been in the market before.  Maybe 25 years old, got some equity by working hard and saving for this day.

“Twirling, and twirling, the room spun in a myriad of colours.  The room with other couples dancing refocused as they stepped into the stop.  So skilled had they become, within a heartbeat, without breaking the rhythm to move changed to a pass-through, duck and dive, ending the set with a grand chain.  Moving down the line to the next couple in a hand-off, the next set mirrored the first.  Almost.  Within a heartbeat, left hand crossed the right where the right should have crossed the left.  Feet ready for the next move, confused themselves with the outcome of the hands and head.  The two couples bumbled through the set badly, and lunged into the next with clearer minds and meek expressions, thankful for a chance to try again.  Like clockwork, step planted, twirl spun, with large smiles and boisterous laughter a well-executed set finished, on to the next in a heartbeat.”

Now, this could be the new buyer excited and ready.  Stepping into the front-line of buying their new Gabriola

home, with the knowing they had lived in a home during their upbringing years, now ready to step over the threshold.  Unfamiliar.  Known unknowns with an inexplicable percentage of unknown knowns.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  Not knowing the questions to ask.  This is where a REALTORS® guidance becomes invaluable.   Competent.  Professional.  Ethical.  Knowledgeable. Plus, local knowledge being of equal weight for Real Estate on Gabriola.

Jamie, is a pseudo-name for a new buyer.  Today, she’s sussing out Gabriola homes for sale suitable for her

financial means, square footage, fencing for her pets.  Approved for a mortgage and being a first time buyer, she’s got her ducks in a row.  One last checks and balances and we’ll write up the offer.  Hands down, she loves this home.  It’s perfect.  She won’t be overextended, and the garden will be loved again under her tutorage. Apples and pear trees, fig trees and roses peeking out, blackberries for pies and jam.

There could be some unknown knowns, and this is where I come in.  The infrastructure of a rural home on

Gabriola Properties for Sale

Sweet, clean, perfect!

Gabriola can set some people on their ear.  That means, they know what they don’t know, have little experience with, and might not know how to ask the questions.  What’s a septic system?  How does it work?  What’s a drilled well, and how does water gush out of the faucets like it does?  Can I drink the water?  Riparian?  Can you spell that?  Recycling, reuse, reduce.  Now this we know.

You see how a dedicated REALTOR® can make a huge difference to this new buyer as she views Gabriola properties for sale, already grateful for the knowledge and freely given advice.

I’ve used a simile, a metaphor of the new buyer to a dance spun with music which we understand, having heard and felt the heartbeat innately.

Yes, Jamie is a new buyer.  I’m delighted to work with her making her dreams come true.  One day soon, I’ll be saying “Welcome Home!”  And, I know she will jump for joy, spin to the music of her soul, her new home on Gabriola.

A new buyer or someone who has bought and sold before benefits from the experience and guidance of REALTOR®.

I love matching people to properties.  Gabriola is where I live.  Close proximity to Vancouver, and Vancouver Island.  20 minutes and you’re here!  You’ll be surprised!  .

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way through.  If you feel the urge to know more, please contact me at

With thanks!

Carol Martin

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