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Ravenskill Orchard Ravenskill Cider and Orchards on Gabriola.  The sweet scent of apples ripening, each with its own blush of oranges, reds, greens, and sunny yellows, this is Ravenskill, here on Gabriola.  A treat it is to visit, pick your own, or pick and choose from crates for the variety of it all.

I visited knowing that with our autumn in full-fledge, a Gabriola orchard is where it’s at.  Heritage apple trees spread in neat rows over 2 acres, and growing!  25 varieties of the old and wild, unique in appearance and flavour.  You must visit.

Here’s my story:  I was welcoming a couple to Gabriola, having moved from Edmonton.  They’d slept on their

Homes on Gabriola

Gabbies Cider, bee’s wax candles, honey, and lavender.

camping gear in the living room overnight.  Today, the moving truck would bring in a bed or two, sofa and tables, dressers and kitchenware, somewhat in that order.  Their new home on Gabriola was finally a reality.  As they relaxed into their Gabriola property I saw their in-transit moving exhaustion dwindle.  Pure pleasure wrapped them around like the warmth of a fall day.  Home sweet home on Gabriola, their perfectly perfect real estate on Gabriola had come true in a few short months.

“What a mammoth endeavour”, I said to myself.  This amount of energy requires the sun kissed sweetness of apples, and that is why I ended up at Ravenskill Orchards this past weekend, during their Gabriola Fall Harvest at 1240 Coats Drive, Gabriola Island.  From 2002 when Keith and Marti MacKenzie cultivated this land, Ravenskill is a full-on cidery catering to the soft and hard crowd of apple aficionados.

  • Juice:  To die for!  Delicious and highly addictive.  Fresh pressed.  If you miss their hours, Village Foods carries their juice during this time of year.  Take home some extras for the freezer.
  • Cider: Real Dry!  Looking for a new champagne?  Try the Gabbies Premium Hard Cider.
  • Semi-dry:  Lovely, soft, blend.  Feel the sunshine and know there some of the ocean air in the mixology.

The Shoppe is the “core” of the experience at Ravenskill.  Take home fresh salted apple caramels.  A few in a

Cider and apples

So many choices of apples

bag will disappear into mid-air before you reach your driveway.  Guaranteed.  It happened to me.  Honey from the blossoms in two varieties, and wax candles.  There’s nothing like the glow and scent of wax candles when you’re ducking into your own apple pie, with a slice of forte cheddar on the side.  A bunch of lavender finished off my gift for the Edmontonians, now Gabriolans of 2 short days.

Bringing people to homes on Gabriola, matching their wish-list to their reality.  I love what I do.  Dreams come true.  The big smiles, welcoming commentary, satisfaction of watching a tensor relax into fluidity.  Does any of that make sense to you?  Your home on Gabriola could be just what you’ve been yearning for.  With so much in your life, perhaps a quick trip across the water, all of 20 minutes, can show you what our style is.  We do live longer.  Nights are darker.  Quieter.  Life is better.  You don’t need all that stuff keeping your every minute so full.  Where is the real you?

If you’re looking for homes for sale on Gabriola, I can help.  You might be surprised at what we have to offer.  Gabriola real estate is the best place to start.  Then, plan your trip.  It’s only a 20 minute ride from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.  Bet you spend more time in your morning commute.

Meet at my office, Royal LePage Gabriola, and we’re off to a good start.  Maps, local knowledge, shopping,

Homes for sale on Gabriola

By Dawn Fulton. So perfect you could eat them!

professional services, restaurants, our Gabriola medical clinic and Fire Hall emergency services will impress.  You will be surprised.

Not surprising, but yes we do!  We have all you would ever need except for big-box stores, drive thru’s, industry, 4-lane highways, street lights at every intersection.  Not!  We do have one traffic light at the ferry.  Go through it, and you’ll land in the drink.  Not kidding.

The new couple.  Happily moved in, with bed, and all their amenities, are likely acclimatising.  Haven’t seen them pop-up yet but then again, it’s only been a few days.  Gabriola has a way of settling you into the ways of nature and what should be’s.  I’m sure that apples were the core of it.  All in good time.

Statistics being your thing?  I can easily produce these for you, if you’re looking for sell to buy ratios, trends, or asking a question.  I can help.  I live here!  Gabriola is my home.

Until next time,

Gabriola fun

Carol in her 1965 Barracuda

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