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Gabriola Homes Food Experience All the makings of a great evening, here at my Gabriola home.

Farmers on Gabriola

You could say, one third for each component.  However, where would we be without the farmers that grow, their stands that provide, our honour to plop the money in the bucket, honey!  Takes me on another musical journey.  Back to the topic of the hour.  Dinner hour.

My Gabriola home is blessed.  My company arrives.  Exclamations of laughter, coats off, wine sunk into D’Dance stemless goblets of many a colour, twisted with strands of sea weedy impressions.  Don’t tip over.  We might, but that’s later on.  We’re set!

Tonight it will be Moroccan.  All my ingredients are found on this island Gabriola.  I’ve made the circuit.  Farmer’s

Real Estate on Gabriola

Moroccan dinner – good friends on Gabriola

stands; Village Foods; Wishbone; my very own garden, and for once only, I couldn’t find Rose Water.  Imperative in Moroccan cooking as much as Orange Blossom Water, I did find it in Nanaimo at Fairway Market.  These two will last a very long time.  If you need a lift?  Unscrewz the top and breathe in.  I won’t say a word more.  Try it.  Or, come to my place.  I have them at my home on Gabriola, for the sniffing.  No appointment necessary!

My Gabriola Property

My Gabriola property is well lit especially at the front gate.  Kind of important at this time of year.  6 pm approaches and my guests arrive.  The house is full to the brim with aromas, spices, warmth of the fireplace, and our big smiles.  Coats off.  Sleeves pushed up.  The D’dance begins.  Movement.  I watch.

The Dinner Table

Firstly, to explain how D’dance fits into our dinner experience.  A glass blowing studio on Gabriola, I have the

Dinner in a Gabriola Home

Dinner at friend’s Gabriola Homes is always a treat!

pleasure of presenting eight of their glass goblets, each unique in colour.  An art form shared in my Gabriola home dinner table.  Swirling, pensive, fingers place.  The hand gently, firmly, grasps.  The seductive orange one.  The sultan blue one.  Each to their own. White or red.  The splash.  First sip.  Ah.  Lips loosen.  It is a scene to watch!

It is an uplifting comeuppance of a day past.  Joyful anticipation of an evening hence.  Break out!


Nonetheless, the evening was a smash hit.  The savoury, complex flavours and spicing’s of Morocco.  Finished with amaretto almond cakes, swimming in a fruity compote splayed on the plate.  On the palette?  Definite, albeit  appeasing guttural oo’s and awe’s in low expounding’s.   Code word:  Yummy delicious.

The fireplace is stoked.  One more log on.  My Gabriola property is like none other.  Has a semblance of the

Gabriola Village

Shopping on Gabriola in our Village. All you ever need is right here.

unique.  Each house on Gabriola.  Each home.  I have become poetic.  In retrospect, living in a Vancouver condo, I enjoyed the fullest of life.  On Gabriola, no beat has been skipped.  Life is full.  We are the same but different.  Buying a home on Gabriola has made all the difference, and I’m not alone in that one of many thoughts.  Life is very good indeed.

I rely on the farmers for their fabulous, and tasty produce, eggs, fowl, and all else to fill my table.  I bask in the artisans who provide a feast of the senses all year around.  It is a joy!  My heart is happy.

Right here on Gabriola

All I need is right here.  The Rose and Orange Water closely available in Nanaimo.  I visit occasionally.  There is so much more to tell you.  But then again, you must come.  Experience for yourselves.

Of course, I’m here to help.  Answer questions.  I can find you a Gabriola home for sale which fits your ultimate wish list.  It is Christmas approaching.  Sock’s up!  Time to put another log on the fire.


Shared especially with you. Send your wish list to Real Estate on Gabriola.  Dreams do come true!

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