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Buying Real Estate?

Buying Real Estate on Gabriola Island?

Gabriola is my home.  I would love to share where I live with you as your REALTOR® and your friend, specializing in all things Gabriola.  You can count on me.

We can talk about the actual buyer process but I find each person to be unique, an individual.  And, this is what you can expect from me.

We’ll meet and talk about your wants and dreams.  You’ll likely have a price point which works best for your budget.  We’ll scour available properties for sale, but that’s just the start.  What you are looking for; your wish and dream; your price point; your budget, could all go out the window if we find a most stunning property aching for your dream come true home.  We have all the architects, contractors, electricians, and plumbers right here, or very close by on Vancouver Island.  I can put you in touch!  Sometimes a meeting of 1 hour can seal the dream.

Let’s start with a candid approach.

My inventory of properties, homes, vacant land, and waterfront, come on the market all the time.  Then, there is that treasure!  The perfect one for you, which I’ve discovered.  Investigation seems to be my second name.  Proof positive, with clients who are delighted.

Overwhelmingly delighted with their new home, I might not hear from them for months afterwards.  No problems with this.  I keep a close watch, and check in from time to time.  We all need space.

I am your resource here for buying real estate on Gabriola and in Nanaimo.  From a governance viewpoint, we are under the mandate of Islands Trust on Gabriola.  For many services and utilities, these are delivered by the Regional District of Nanaimo.  Water guidelines and wastewater management comes under several authorities.  I make this short and sweet, because I’m here to help.  Fire me a question and very quickly you’ll have the answer.  You can count on me.

Buying Real Estate on Gabriola is more like moving into a better lifestyle, I think. Honestly, I can attest to all those making a conscious decision to move here that they were delighted with their choice.  I do understand that we can be connected for many months or even years, while your decisions are cemented in place.  That’s why I say that not only am your REALTOR®, we’ve become friends in the process.

Let’s meet!

Looking forward to it!

Carol Martin 250-668-2297

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