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Selling Your Home?

Welcome!  Gabriola is my home.  I would love to share where I live with you as your REALTOR® and your friend, specializing in all things Gabriola.  You can count on me.

You’re thinking of selling real estate on Gabriola.  Let’s talk!

I live on Gabriola full-time.  I’m your best resource to list and sell your home, your vacant land, on Gabriola.   I’ll provide you with comparable properties making mention of each individual aspect to each, weighing the pros and cons.  We all see our home as being our castle.  It is!  Let’s bring the market into our reality.  You can expect good, sound advice from me.

Together we’ll agree to the best marketing approach, at the best market price.   Presenting your home in market-ready condition is paramount to a successful campaign to sell as quickly as possible at the best possible price.  We will talk strategies before an offer comes in.  That way, we are ready!  When selling real estate on Gabriola, this is what I excel at – negotiating the best price, terms and conditions for you!

With the sale of a home, perhaps you’ll share with me where your next move is.  Here, I can help again, with all the contacts I have across Canada, coast to coast.  I’ll find a perfect match for you.  Keeping in touch even at a distance isn’t a problem.  This is what I do.  You can count on me.

Selling a property can prove to be complicated at times.  My investigative skills and those resources at my fingertips will help make this a smooth, stress free, transaction for you.  I’ll be holding your hand; becoming your guide; your trusted REALTOR®.

I love what I do; meeting people like you, matching your house for sale on Gabriola with the perfect buyers.  I live and work here.  Selling real estate on Gabriola is what I do.  I love this island community close enough to the big cities of Vancouver and beyond, and yet and place I can truly say, “We live in Paradise” every day.

There will come the day when you’ll hand the keys to the buyer who will love your home as much as you have.  A perfect match.

Call me 250-668-2297 I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Carol Martin

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