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Discover Vancouver Island University

Education is available to all of us.  Online, or bricks and mortar, mentors, teachers, visuals, in person, webinars, to listen and absorb our curriculum.  Most of us can access and achieve our heart’s desires in the upper echelons of learning. Here on Gabriola, the...

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Where to Eat on Gabriola. Robert’s Family Restaurant

Where to eat on Gabriola. Robert's Family Restaurant. In the hub of activity on Gabriola, a quick, 1 minute walk from our Village.  Across the street from the Co-op gas bar and convenience store, and propane.  Two liquor stores are in direct proximity, one being open...

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Gabriola Food Forum

It’s that time of year again. The Food Forum gets us pumped for planting our gardens, as well as serving as a winter market. Local food for sale will be there: produce, honey, eggs, baked goods, jams, chutneys, meat. And we’ll be able to buy local SEEDS! Once again,...

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Bob Bossin Farewell Concert – Honest

Interview: Bob Bossin January 16, 2018 Bob Bossin, songwriter, story teller, romantic, conscious-raising, has thrown down the glove. True.  Bob Bossin's Farewell Concert. Honest – he calls it. Impossible. Couldn’t be. I had to know more. I’m sitting at Bob Bossin's...

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Two Days Home

Two days on Gabriola!  Hold on to your socks!  Take a nap if you need to. A slew of Christmas Fairs opened their doors on Saturday.  Three of them in fact.  In between my showing real estate on Gabriola, houses and some land thrown in for good measure, I jumped in and...

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Roger Christie’s Home

Roger Christie’s cat loves her Gabriola home – O, yes she does.  And, many a story circulates the neighborhood.  Her prow, and her complete abandon to anything but pure, unadulterated relaxation. I interviewed Roger Christie, or to be more accurate, Roger gave me his...

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House for Sale on Gabriola

House for sale on Gabriola is only part of the picture.  Honestly, I’m still surprised with comments like, “I never knew”; “Wow, what a place and you have it all here on your island, Gabriola”; “We sailed by, but hadn’t stopped in until today.  Looking to rest our...

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100+ Things to do on Gabriola

Looking for something to do on Gabriola? I have compiled a list for 100+ things to do on the island in the summer. Carol’s 100+ THINGS TO ENJOY ON GABRIOLA! 1. Breathe in the sunsets at Berry Point; 2. Reduce your stress and take a leisurely Kayaking tour on a...

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